How To Repair Your Laptop Power Plug / Jack

It's almost inevitable that you'll need to repair your laptop power plug if you own a Toshiba Satellite A70 unless you've already had the main board replaced in which Toshiba have applied a well overdue modification similar to what you’ll see here.

The DC jacks on these units are weakened over time with general use and become unstable and loose, in some cases detaching themselves from the main board altogether.

In the one we have pictured the plug detached from the board completely and had to be resoldered and modified due to the rear pin connection breaking away from the plug. You can see the red wire which had to be added to replace the broken pin, this won't always have to be done.

Once the plug has had all of its board mounted points resoldered it is advisable to add an epoxy resin around the outer edge of the plug to fix it to the main board, this will minimise movement when the adapter is plugged into it. I generally use Araldite.

Repair Laptop Power Plug

Toshiba Satellite A70 with damaged AC plug. PCB view from the top after modification.

The above photo shows the points that need to be resoldered, the 3 points in a row above the red wire (which is our mod) and normally where the red wire is as well.

Repair Laptop Power Plug

Repair Laptop Power Plug

The red arrows in the above pictures indicate where resin has been added all around the base of the AC plug.

If you need to repair your laptop power plug, this fix will work well in just about any make of machine.

Have You Repaired Your DC Jack?

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